I’m no writer…

...but here's why I journal There have been a whole bunch of studies done on the power of writing out your thoughts.  Try googling it. But let me tell you about why I do it to see if that speaks to you.  I dream like a mad-woman.  I'm as busy in my dreams as I

I’m no Buddhist…

...but here's my take on meditation There is a wealth of science out there that supports why meditation is a good thing.  Feel free to google, or just read this for a quick flavour of the stuff that's out there. Meditation has a long and complicated history via a couple of religions or philosophies.  Here's

Fear and love, sunshine and shadows

The change process, the coaching journey...whatever you want to call what we do as I walk alongside you, is a tricky balancing-act.   I'm going to be totally honest with you.  Sometimes it gets messy.  Emotionally challenging.  We get into a whole bunch of stuff that sometimes we'd probably rather ignore, or at least pretend

Changing your life requires action: the power of rituals

ACT - Action Changes Things You know how I have been saying for the last few weeks that change is hard?  And that it works best when there's a method in there somewhere?  And most importantly of all, that once all the foundations have been laid with regards to values, visions and intentions then the

Stop chasing goals – live your life intentionally

Intentions not goals In my old corporate HR world I was all about my 'five-year plan' and having a set of very clear goals to work towards.  I've even used goals A LOT in my Personal Training business - both personally and with my clients.  If you've ever joined a gym you'll be used to

It starts here: valuing your vision

I was explaining in last week's blog that becoming a better human was very much an inside job.  It takes a lot of self work.  It's a process of introspection, increasing your self-awareness and figuring out some honest answers to some tough questions.   Conversations with my clients often start like this: (Client) "I am going

Being a good human – It’s an inside job

My take on coaching - what it is (really) and what is really isn't.  Why I think it works and why I believe in it. What is a "coach"? If you're thinking Football Coach, this article probably isn't what you were searching for.  I'm talking about the kind of coach that is a support and

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