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Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing (EMDR) is a modality I use a lot with clients who have experienced traumatic events – whether that’s a one-off event or a whole childhood of distressing memories. When we are exposed to traumatic events our brain can sometimes get stuck processing what has happened to us, and more importantly sometimes, what we think that means about us and the world around us.

EMDR is a very thoroughly researched form of trauma treatment and has a sound evidence base. Like much of the therapeutic approaches I work with, EMDR isn’t like traditional talk therapies and for many people it doesn’t involve the repeated re-telling of traumatic events. Whilst it’s a little unusual (until you get used to it) it is super effective and most importantly can lead to a real felt-sense of being healed from traumatic memories.
Have a read of these articles from the abc and Elle magazine for a client-perspective of EMDR and watch the videos below for a bit more information about how it works.