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    Qualified expert in pregnancy, postnatal and menopausal movement, health and wellbeing coaching
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    Counsellor & Psychotherapist
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    Engaging and motivational Speaker, with a tendency to tell it how it is.
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    Read about my life journey in all its technicolour messiness, why I do what I do, and how I can help you find the best version of you.
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    Want to excel at life AND in your work as a coach for women? 2019 mentorship programme details available now.
  • “In 12 months Thea has helped me make major improvements...
    I am stronger than I've ever been.”
  • “Thea has vast knowledge of all things womanly and the programs she puts together are easily adaptable no matter what stage of your journey you are on or your fitness level.”
  • “I am really enjoying doing this. I find it fascinating learning about my body and how to improve it... and you make it such good fun.”
  • “Thea is amazing. After years of trying different gyms and being given contradictory advice what I should and shouldn't do given my unique set of post natal challenges, finally I found Thea who is so informed, knowledgeable and interested in how to train the female body properly! ”
  • “Thea's warm and infectious personality makes training fun with lots of variety. Her women's health knowledge and understanding makes her programs practical and safe for pregnancy and the postpartum period.”
  • “I wish all personal trainers had half the knowledge Thea has in working with women. ”