About Sarah F

I’m an expat Kiwi who has called Melbourne home for almost 8 years. I currently work as a personal trainer with my own business and am undertaking a Diploma of Counselling to expand my current skill set and work with people’s heads as well as their bodies. I’m an Olympic weightlifter with big competitive goals and a lot of love for this sport and my training, but am equally happy binge watching a good series with my burmese cat Graham. I’m a closet introvert who thrives on alone time, feels insanely awkward in social situations and am happiest when knowing exactly what is going to happen and when.
Whilst I may seem to have my shit together now, that’s definitely a very recent development, and it’s taken years and many not-so-great experiences to become someone with confidence in who I am and what I stand for. Over the last decade I’ve discovered that building and developing mental strength and resilience have been a game changer in improving my self-esteem, relationships and the trajectory of my life. Whilst on a mission to get physically strong, I discovered that the key was inside my head, and I became subsequently fascinated by uncovering what makes people tick and how to motivate them to succeed – both in physical training and in other areas of their life. Basically I’m all about being better in all facets of life that matter to me – as a trainer, partner, athlete, friend, and as Graham’s mum.

About Zhamilya

I am super passionate about my work as a Counsellor after many years working in the corporate world left me searching for a more fulfilling and meaningful career.  I find that so many of my clients echo this search – in addition to wanting to address their day-to-day life struggles – they are searching for something more.  And this is where I love to be, fully attentive, empathising with my clients but most of all working alongside them to explore ways of improving all aspects of their lives, be that work, relationships, childhood attachment wounds or trauma.
I combine a variety of psychological techniques, philosophical views as well as practical approaches, but most of all I am client-centred.  I hold a unique space for my clients and help them seeing themselves, their lives, relationships and event traumatic events through a different lens.
I view anxiety, depression, behavioural issues, anger management as well as problems in relationships as the symptoms or our best attempts to navigate life’s challenges. While we will work together to find new, more adaptive strategies, I also believe it’s important explore and heal from the underlying issues behind them otherwise it’s often just a band-aid approach to therapy.
In my spare time I love to go out and explore all the great food places in Melbourne, practice aerial yoga, rowing in the summer and skiing in the winter.