Hello my name is Thea and my cervix hangs to the left

Every woman's favourite pastime - the pap smear Once every 12-months (or so) I rock up to my gynaecologist to spend about 15 minutes of my life having my cervix scraped.  And that day was today. The reason that I go every year, as opposed to every two years like most other women in Australia

Being a good human – It’s an inside job

My take on coaching - what it is (really) and what is really isn't.  Why I think it works and why I believe in it. What is a "coach"? If you're thinking Football Coach, this article probably isn't what you were searching for.  I'm talking about the kind of coach that is a support and

Secret Women’s Business – part three

How well do you know your own body? In my experience, probably not as well as you think. This third part of my mini-series focuses on you.  On us.  On women and all of the unique intricacies of our bodies, most specifically our genitalia and sexual reproductive organs.  And it's not all part of some

Secret Women’s Business – part two

Talking about sex (and other fun stuff) with our children Last week I shared the story of the 'Pregnancy Scare Road Trip' as an introduction to my deep dive into this complex subject that I hold really dear to my heart. I hold it dear to my heart because in my line of work I

Secret Women’s Business – part one

I've been promising a blog on this for so long not I've almost given up being able to get it written.  And the reason it's been extra hard is because I've just got TOO MUCH to say on the subject!  I want to look at it from a whole bunch of different angles and there's

What it’s really like to train women

This one comes straight from the studio, and straight from my heart because this is what my 'job' is really all about.  For those of you who are fans of Simon Sinek, there's a little bit of 'why'. When I'm asked what I do I still stumble a little over the phrase, "I own my

You say vagina, I say vuh-jahy-nee

Contrary to popular belief, or at least a lot of men's childish fantasies, attending an all-girls boarding school for my formative years didn't involve spending any of my time checking out each other's girl bits as we navigated our collective way through puberty.  In fact I'm not sure I've intimately examined another woman's labia or

Testimonial: Kathy

“I’ve been training with Thea for just over a year now. I was diagnosed with a prolapse three years ago and went down the path of physiotherapy and was told I could do no more. The slight improvement that physiotherapy had given me was the best I could hope for and I should be grateful

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