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My favourite resources: April – June 2022

My favourite resources: April – June 2022

This one is a week or so late!  I try to publish this review at the end / start of each new quarter but because I was busy travelling to the UK and catching COVID it kind of slipped my mind…anyway, here’s my latest brain-dump of all the things that I’ve been consuming lately.

And as ever, a reminder about the purpose of this blog: I really want it to be a useful space where people can find all sorts of therapeutically relevant information, mixed up with a good dollop of personal reflections and ramblings with a sprinkling of humour for good measure.  I also want it to be a place where you can find links to all the resources that I share with clients, things that I think have strong therapeutic merit or that are innovative and really want people to see.  It also gives you an insight into me, what I believe in, how I practice and I hope it helps to provide some tangible illustrations of my core values: authenticity, curiosity, integrity, openness and respect.













Therapy isn’t just about what happens in session.  I’m all about being creative with therapy – that’s what the whole ‘therapy. done differently’ is about.  I believe that therapy can also come in the form of blogs, podcasts, books and conversations with other people who are important to your healing.

This is the last week of the quarter and I’m again sharing some of my favourite blogs, websites, books, apps etc. with you all – these are the things I’ve been devouring – would love to hear what you think of them.  This quarter’s selection has most definitely been influenced by my trip overseas!!

Podcasts / YouTube interviews:

I had a lot of time on the plane to the UK to listen to some podcasts that I’d missed out on so this is where I went:


  • The Hormone Repair Manual – Lara Briden
  • Invisible to Invaluable – Jane Evans & Carol Russell
  • Why has nobody told me this before? – Dr Julie Smith


 This quarter it’s all been about distraction and recovering from COVID and jetlag so they’ve got a bit of a random feel about them!

  • BBC Sounds (so I can listen to BBC Radio 4 when I can’t sleep)
  • Aura – mindfulness and sleep app
  • Bedtime fan – background white noise / fan sounds that help me sleep
  • Water sort – naff game but still fun!


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