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Your chatter matters

I’m a big believer in positive self-talk.

I know that sometimes it’s a lot easier said than done, but with a little bit of practice and quite a bit of perseverance it can soon become second nature – and could even change your life!

Who is in your head?

Who is talking to you?

Who are you listening to?

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A letter to my beautiful children

Dear Martha and Sebastian,

I am writing this to you on Mother’s Day 2016 because I want you to always know how deeply and truly you are loved.  And because life is funny sometimes…funny peculiar, not funny ha-ha.

I long to watch you grow fully into awesome independent souls, whilst at the same time longing for you to never grow a second older.

I want to fight all your battles for you – today, tomorrow and for the rest of your days , but need you to be able to stand strong and firm, safe and sure of your own abilities.

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Embracing the suck

I wrote last week in a newsletter (if you haven’t signed up yet, why on earth not? HERE it is, and HERE is how to get signed up) about the pitfalls of SOS (Shiny Object Syndrome) and the especially challenging areas that need to be successfully navigated in order to fully recover.

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You say vagina, I say vuh-jahy-nee

Contrary to popular belief, or at least a lot of men’s childish fantasies, attending an all-girls boarding school for my formative years didn’t involve spending any of my time checking out each other’s girl bits as we navigated our collective way through puberty.  In fact I’m not sure I’ve intimately examined another woman’s labia or vulva, but I do know enough at the ripe old age of 39 and ¾’s  to know absolutely that we are all made a little bit differently, while at the same time being made the same, if you know what I mean.

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The power of the Plate – Amy’s story

I was lucky enough to start working with Amy over a year ago now.  When I met her, Amy had a two year old daughter called Ivy, and she had just finished five weeks of intense pelvic floor rehabilitation using a Power Plate at mishfit HQ.  Back then I didn’t have a Power Plate Studio and so Amy travelled to see Mish in Northcote…and she then came to train with me working very specifically to build on her postnatal recovery.  This is her story…

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Walk in my shoes

It’s more than a shoe-thing

I’ve had this blog in my head for quite a while now.  I’ve wondered whether it’s just because of my desire to indulge my shoe thing.  And I do have a shoe thing.

I simply love shoes – boots, thongs, heels and runners – I love them all.  Except wedges.  I don’t really do wedges.

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Looking in the Mirror. A Lesson in Self-reflection

Whether we are literally looking at our physical reflection in the mirror or reflecting on our emotional health either way it’s not always an easy or comfortable experience.

Looking at our body reflected back at us all to often results in a myopic focus on our worst parts. We struggle to see ourselves in our whole and beautiful entirety. I am automatically drawn to my thighs, my cellulite and left-over-baby-tummy. I see my breasts that have seen better days and probably wouldn’t pass the pencil test any more. I don’t see my strong swimmer’s shoulders, developed back muscles or my defined waist.

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Testimonial: Kathy

“I’ve been training with Thea for just over a year now. I was diagnosed with a prolapse three years ago and went down the path of physiotherapy and was told I could do no more. The slight improvement that physiotherapy had given me was the best I could hope for and I should be grateful for the improvement I had achieved. My life would now be restricted to not lifting anything heavier than a sheet of paper and exercise was out of the question unless it was swimming or walking on flat surfaces.

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Testimonial: Steph

“Thea is by far the best personal trainer I have worked with. Her approach is realistic and understanding. Thea has a bright and bubbly personality which is just infectious, I always leave a class feeling re-energised and ready to take on the rest of my day.

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