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My favourite resources: July – September 2021

My favourite resources: July – September 2021

Here’s another reminder about the purpose of this blog: I really want this blog to be a useful space where people can find all sorts of therapeutically relevant information, mixed up with a good dollop of personal reflections and ramblings with a sprinkling of humour for good measure.  I also want it to be a place where you can find links to all the resources that I share with clients, things that I think have strong therapeutic merit or that are innovative and really want people to see.













Therapy isn’t just about what happens in session.  I’m all about being creative with therapy – that’s what the whole ‘therapy. done differently’ is about.  I believe that therapy can also come in the form of blogs, podcasts, books and conversations with other people who are important to your healing.

This is the last week of the quarter and I’m again sharing some of my favourite blogs, websites, books, apps etc. with you all – these are the things I’ve been devouring – would love to hear what you think of them!

Podcasts / YouTube interviews:

 If you have had a session with me any time recently you will have heard me wax lyrical about the incredible Professor Andrew Huberman who has a wonderful podcast/YouTube channel where he talks about all things neuroscience.  This might sound SUPER boring but honestly he makes it really understandable and relatable and I cannot recommend it highly enough:

One of my all-time favourite podcasts is the Tim Ferriss show and these two episodes were great:

  • I really enjoyed this episode about trauma. If you need help being able to understand how trauma can impact our lives, this is such a great place to start:
  • And for anyone needing a bit of inspiration about their relationship, this episode comes from the inspirational Dr Sue Johnson, whose work is the foundation of the couple’s modality Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT):

And lastly for this quarter is the great Eckhart Tolle who has finally done a podcast:

Whilst there’s wisdom in all of these episodes, I LOVED the one entitled, “Releasing barriers to presence”.



 The Presence Process – Michael Brown

  • Why We Sleep: The Science New of Science of Sleep and Dreams – Matthew Walker
  • The Comfort Book – Matt Haig
  • Breath: The New Science of a Lost Art – James Nestor
  • The Paper Palace – Miranda Cowley Heller



 The Attachment Project click here.

  • The Happiness Trap click here.


 Map my Walk – Under Armour

  • Overcoming Pain – based on bi-lateral stimulation, used in EMDR
  • Happify

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