Fear and love, sunshine and shadows

The change process, the coaching journey...whatever you want to call what we do as I walk alongside you, is a tricky balancing-act.   I'm going to be totally honest with you.  Sometimes it gets messy.  Emotionally challenging.  We get into a whole bunch of stuff that sometimes we'd probably rather ignore, or at least pretend

Changing your life requires action: the power of rituals

ACT - Action Changes Things You know how I have been saying for the last few weeks that change is hard?  And that it works best when there's a method in there somewhere?  And most importantly of all, that once all the foundations have been laid with regards to values, visions and intentions then the

Stop chasing goals – live your life intentionally

Intentions not goals In my old corporate HR world I was all about my 'five-year plan' and having a set of very clear goals to work towards.  I've even used goals A LOT in my Personal Training business - both personally and with my clients.  If you've ever joined a gym you'll be used to

It starts here: valuing your vision

I was explaining in last week's blog that becoming a better human was very much an inside job.  It takes a lot of self work.  It's a process of introspection, increasing your self-awareness and figuring out some honest answers to some tough questions.   Conversations with my clients often start like this: (Client) "I am going

Coming back – well that sucks

Today I'm sitting stranded in a fog-bound Dubai airport trying to make it back to England to visit family.  Yesterday, back home in Melbourne, I went for a swim.  It was my first swim in probably 12 months. the view from our window - Dubai airport is out there somewhere... And it sucked.

Living a fearless life

I've had this one in me for a fair few months now. It's been going round and round, percolating if you like.  And I think it's been particularly slow in the writing because it's quite literally something that I've been really challenged by personally since all of the woo-ha last year. That's how I've come

I am good enough

If you've read anything I've written you'll know it always comes straight from my heart.  Every time I put fingers to keyboard or pen to paper (I still love writing the old-fashioned way) it's a mixture of information sharing, motivational message and therapy (for me)!  Sometimes it feels like I almost give birth to the

My story

I recently shared an article that I have had published on Tiny Buddha where I talk about what it was like to be married to an emotionally abusive man. Some of you already know what happened, and it has taken many months of coming to terms with how I ended up in that place, never

On being a strong woman

This one isn't about muscles, lifting weights or flipping tyres. I think I'm probably physically a little bit stronger than the average nearly-40 year old woman.  Actually, maybe a bit more than that but as a Personal Trainer you'd hope that was the case!  I do push-ups on my toes, really quite enjoy burpees, and love

It’s all about the bounce-back

One of the most important muscles you have isn't exactly a muscle. I posted on Facebook today about Sheryl Sandberg's recent speech to Berkeley University students a couple of days about where she spoke for the first time publicly about her husband's sudden death a little over 12 months ago.  She spoke of her grief,

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