Project Description


Low-cost counselling is that space and it is designed to assist people for whom short-term counselling is not easily accessible (for example for those waiting on long wait-lists) or for those needing longer-term therapy but where this becomes cost prohibitive. Low-cost therapy at Thea Baker Wellbeing is provided by trainee counsellors who are working towards full registration, with extensive external clinical supervision and mentoring provided by me.
Supporting one of my core values of curiosity is a desire to teach, mentor and support others in their growth and development – to be able to foster this curiosity in others. I am privileged to be afforded a platform to speak and present on a range of topics (see Speaking) both in person and online, however it is particularly special when I can provide a space within my practice for others to hone their counselling experience.
Low-cost counselling is available for adolescents and adults and fees are on a sliding scale and can be discussed with the administration team who will be able to help ascertain if this is a suitable option for you. Please read more about the current low-cost team of counsellors below:
About Sarah F
I’m an expat Kiwi who has called Melbourne home for almost 8 years. I currently work as a personal trainer with my own business and am undertaking a Diploma of Counselling to expand my current skill set and work with people’s heads as well as their bodies. I’m an Olympic weightlifter with big competitive goals and a lot of love for this sport and my training, but am equally happy binge watching a good series with my burmese cat Graham. I’m a closet introvert who thrives on alone time, feels insanely awkward in social situations and am happiest when knowing exactly what is going to happen and when.
Whilst I may seem to have my shit together now, that’s definitely a very recent development, and it’s taken years and many not-so-great experiences to become someone with confidence in who I am and what I stand for. Over the last decade I’ve discovered that building and developing mental strength and resilience have been a game changer in improving my self-esteem, relationships and the trajectory of my life. Whilst on a mission to get physically strong, I discovered that the key was inside my head, and I became subsequently fascinated by uncovering what makes people tick and how to motivate them to succeed – both in physical training and in other areas of their life. Basically I’m all about being better in all facets of life that matter to me – as a trainer, partner, athlete, friend, and as Graham’s mum.
About Sarah R
I am a former Psychology student currently undertaking a Masters of Counselling. Whilst at uni, I juggle work in retail on the side. Before deciding to return to study, I spent some time in self-discovery mode after experiencing what we may call an identity crisis. Plenty of questions surfaced: Who am I? What am I doing with my life? What even is the meaning of life? As a former chronic people-pleaser, I made the choice to begin living life on my terms. Consequently, many things changed for me. In fact, my life did a complete 180. My former life was gone, my once certain future was now completely unknown, and my current self? Unrecognisable. But one thing remained the same – my desire to help others.
I identify as an introvert and am the appointed ‘Mum’ of my friendship group. I feel best when I am in nature, I spend my spare time recharging at the beach, or on a long walk. Yes – I’m one of those people who likes long walks on the beach. I thrive off deep conversations. I am an advocate for mental health and self-development. But I am also a (slightly) anxious ruminator. If we have ever spoken, I probably still remember that awkward thing I said five years ago. I’m also the one to spill the water at a restaurant. However, more than anything, I feel I was tasked by the universe to help others. So here I am, trying to do just that.
About Grace
I am an ‘extroverted introvert’, optimist, and mental health advocate. Originally from the United States, I set off to do what was supposed to be a year of experiencing Australian life on a journey of self-discovery but absolutely fell in love with Melbourne and have lived here for nearly 3 years now. My current counselling path began with an interest in how we each have individual differences that cause us to see and think about the world differently from one another. Why does something that terrifies me come so naturally to you? Why does it often feel like I’m seeing the world through a different lens than others? Why are some of us able to overcome struggles while others get stuck? This combination of introspection and curiosity about the inner thoughts and feelings of others is what led me to doing my undergraduate degree in psychology, where I had a specific interest in the scientific study of well-being and what this means to each of us. We all have different thought processes and experiences which greatly affect how we interpret and ultimately cope with a situation. Still, one thing I’ve learned we all need is to be heard and understood, so that’s what I’m here to do. I hope to help individuals overcome struggles and achieve an optimal sense of well-being by fostering resilience, self-love, and self-compassion. Essentially, I just want to help feel supported people on the path to living their best lives!