Project Description

Couples Therapy

I love working with couples.  Whether you’re in a sexual funk, have forgotten how to communicate with each other effectively, or dealing with a crisis I am super excited to work with you both.
I have a particularly flexible approach to couples work – I find that as with individual therapy, there is no one-size-fits-all approach.  Sometimes it might mean some individually focused work to support your own healing before we focus on the relationship itself, other times it’s more hands-on and all about practicing new ways of being with each other.
It’s hard work couples therapy.  I never have favourites or take sides.  I will call you out on unhelpful behaviour and we will always end sessions in a better place than we started, even if it takes longer than an hour to get there.  I know it’s hard to be vulnerable and to share the hardest, messiest and worst of ourselves in a couples session but the sooner we open up to doing the work, the more effective our relationships become.
I draw a lot on the Emotionally-Focused Couples Therapy model and I am an active member of Esther Perel’s Sessions for couples therapists.