Movement specialist for all women

Are you pregnant or postnatal and aren’t feeling great?  Do you want to know how to move safely and wisely throughout pregnancy, honouring your body as it grows a new human?

Or, are you a mummy who has come out the other side of pregnancy feeling “bleurgh”?  Have you suffered birth injuries, pelvic floor dysfunction, prolapse, pelvic pain and now don’t know how to move safely, but know that you really need to get moving again?

Or, are you simply a woman – of any age, and at any stage of life –  who wants to learn to connect to her body in a new way, a woman who wants to enjoy movement in ways, learning about her body as she engages new muscles and practices?

Our services:

Pregnant and postnatal specialists

We can help as a specialist in pregnancy and postnatal movement, exercise and recovery.  We love to work with women who feel like they can’t exercise elsewhere, for women who are lost in their postnatal body (however postnatal that body might be) and for those women who need something more than what a standard gym can give you.

My team and I have worked with hundred’s of women to help them recover optimally from their pregnancies, irrespective of the battle scars their labour and delivery has blessed them with.  The postnatal body is amazing.  It is strong and powerful, but it needs to be moved and trained differently.  Let us help you learn why and how.

Pelvic floor, pelvic pain and prolapse specialists

In addition to specialising with women who have complicated training needs, we have spent many years working with women who have pelvic floor dysfunction, prolapse, and pelvic pain or are recovering from prolapse surgery.  We work closely with local Pevlic Health Physiotherapists, bodywork guru’s and your own Allied Health Professionals to ensure that you receive a joined-up and consistent approach to your recovery.

Transformational Wellness Coaching

Or, maybe you’re just lost.

You know you aren’t ill, or chronologically unwell, but you just long for a healthier, stronger and more well life.  Maybe your body needs a good workout but your head needs even more help and you just don’t know where to start.

Have you tried to get fit and healthy before and never sustained it, do you feel like you’ve failed with this aspect of your life even though you’ve got everything, and everyone else sorted?  Do you feel like you just can’t maintain the change that you long for in your life?

If this messy space is where you’re hanging out right now, then let us spend some time helping you unpack your space – let’s do some incredible coaching work together.  Let us listen as you talk, allow us to hold a space for you and let us take your jumble and guide you as you figure out how it needs to unravel so that you can lead the authentically true and healthy life that you long for.

Let us help you craft your vision and your intentions.  It will be a transformational process.

Our coaching practice is client-led and collaborative.  We will use a range of coaching tools and techniques including Strengths & Passions Analysis,  Vision & Values Creation, Broaden & Build Focus and powerful visualisations.  All we ask of you is that you come to me with an open mind and a desire to create change in your world.

Our boutique movement studio is conveniently located at space.inclusive, Shop 5, 66 Maroondah Highway, Croydon. VIC. 3136.

Depending on your insurance company / cover you may be entitled to rebates.