Living a fearless life

I’ve had this one in me for a fair few months now. It’s been going round and round, percolating if you like.  And I think it’s been particularly slow in the writing because it’s quite literally something that I’ve been really challenged by personally since all of the woo-ha last year. That’s how I’ve come … Continue reading Living a fearless life

I am good enough

If you’ve read anything I’ve written you’ll know it always comes straight from my heart.  Every time I put fingers to keyboard or pen to paper (I still love writing the old-fashioned way) it’s a mixture of information sharing, motivational message and therapy (for me)!  Sometimes it feels like I almost give birth to the … Continue reading I am good enough

My story

I recently shared an article that I have had published on Tiny Buddha where I talk about what it was like to be married to an emotionally abusive man. Some of you already know what happened, and it has taken many months of coming to terms with how I ended up in that place, never … Continue reading My story