Personal Training

Movement specialist for all women

Are you pregnant or postnatal and aren’t feeling great?  Do you want to know how to move safely and wisely throughout pregnancy, honouring your body as it grows a new human?

Or, are you a mummy who has come out the other side of pregnancy feeling “bleurgh”?  Have you suffered birth injuries, pelvic floor dysfunction, prolapse, pelvic pain and now don’t know how to move safely, but know that you really need to get moving again?

Or, are you simply a woman – of any age, and at any stage of life –  who wants to learn to connect to her body in a new way, a woman who wants to enjoy movement in ways, learning about her body as she engages new muscles and practices?

Pregnant and postnatal specialist

I can help as a specialist in pregnancy and postnatal movement, exercise and recovery.  I love to work with women who feel like they can’t exercise elsewhere, for women who are lost in their postnatal body (however postnatal that body might be) and for those women who need something more than what a standard gym can give you.

I have worked with hundred’s of women to help them recover optimally from their pregnancies, irrespective of the battle scars their labour and delivery has blessed them with.  The new postnatal body is amazing.  It is strong and powerful, but it needs to be moved and trained differently.  Let me help you learn why and how.


Pelvic floor, pelvic pain and prolapse specialist

In addition to specialising with women who have complicated training needs, I have spent many years working with women who have pelvic floor dysfunction, prolapse, and pelvic pain or are recovering from prolapse surgery.  I work closely with local Women’s Health Physiotherapists, and your own Allied Health Professionals to ensure that you receive a joined-up and consistent approach to your recovery.

Working with me

I offer a unique approach to personal training using a variety of training tools, including (but not limited to) Power Plate, ViPR and Gymstick.  I am a huge fan of truly functional movement, I have zero-tolerance for exercise fad’s and all of my sessions are written for you as a unique individual.

An Initial Consultation is always the starting point of your truly Personal Training experience – it’s a lot of talking – and enables us to get to know each other – for me to understand your full medical and training history, and analyse your goals. We also use the time to establish some benchmarks and agree the best training options for you moving forwards.

I believe strongly that all training needs to be considered holistically – I ask that you trust me with knowing how best to work and care for your body, and get you what you need, as well as what you want.

Sessions always include fascial mobilisation, assisted stretching and massage, suggestions for solo-training in between our PT appointments and nutritional support if required.

PT options include one-on-one (1:1) or buddy (1:2) training as either 45-minute workouts or 55-minutes for 1:2 sessions.  These can be purchased in packs of two or eight sessions.

My boutique training studio is conveniently located at Karma Health – 139B Wantirna Road, Ringwood, VIC 3134.

Depending on your insurance company / cover you may be entitled to rebates.

Training Pricing

Description Duration PT Studio At Home
Initial Consultation + ph360 health assessment 90 mins + 2 x 45 mins $495 n/a
1:1 TB 8's 8 x 45 mins $520 n/a
1:1 TB 2's 2 x 45 mins $130 n/a
1:2 TB 8's 8 x 55 mins $320 (p/person) n/a
1:2 TB 8's 2 x 55 mins $80 (p/person) n/a

Start Here: Initial Consult

You will all have the opportunity to understand your personal biotype and health profile before we start looking at “change”.   We will spend at least 90 minutes working through a very thorough Initial Consultation + the ph360 profile assessment.  After that we will have two 45 minute follow-up sessions to review your results and then establish what kind of change you really need and how we are going to go about it.

From there you have an exciting choice to make.  You can either work with me as your Personal Health Trainer or as your Life & Wellness Coach.  But we get into all that later.  For now it’s all about YOU.

Your best, most healthy and balanced life is waiting.

  • Initial Consult + ph360 health assessment
  • 12 month subscription to ph360 online platform + app
  • 2 x coaching sessions (45 mins each)
  • Access to private Facebook group + Voxer coach contact